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For NEW patients please download the New Patient form to your computer. It is an electronic pdf form which should allow you to fill it out on your computer, print it out and attach to an email and send back to me at: ncnc@drkatringoto.com

You may also download the form, print it and fill it out by hand. If you are filling it out by hand, please print, and contact me using the contact page on this website for instructions on returning the form.

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New Creation Naturopathic Center

Specialities and Services

How can Dr. Goto help you live a healthier, more vibrant life?

Blending her range of medical skills, knowledge, and techniques with her kind and compassionate nature, Dr. Goto has the ability to identify, diagnose, and provide treatment for a range of health concerns. Working from a holistic perspective, Dr. Goto will assist your body in self-healing while providing guidance and wisdom.

Dr. Goto's skills include:
  • Pharmacist consultant services to evaluate and manage prescription interactions and incompatibilities as well as drug, herb, and supplement interactions
  • Auxiliary care management and assistance for those who wish to explore complementary and natural therapies before proceeding with surgery or other invasive procedures
  • Improving diabetes control
  • Controlling high blood pressure or an elevated cholesterol level
  • Enhancing and strengthening your immune system
  • Identifying and treating chronic conditions
  • Providing compassionate and gentle care for anxiety and psychosomatic illnesses
  • Craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation
  • Empathetic and kind weight loss and maintenance coaching
  • Wellness coaching and healthy cooking guidance to achieve an ideal body weight without compromising nutrition or pleasure in food
  • Leadership and therapy in a support group setting
  • Botanical and homeopathic medicine, including Bach flower essences
  • Light counseling

Email New Creation Naturopathic Center, the Bellevue naturopathic practice of Dr. Katrin Goto today to see how you can achieve your wellness goals.
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