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For NEW patients please download the New Patient form to your computer. It is an electronic pdf form which should allow you to fill it out on your computer, print it out and attach to an email and send back to me at: ncnc@drkatringoto.com

You may also download the form, print it and fill it out by hand. If you are filling it out by hand, please print, and contact me using the contact page on this website for instructions on returning the form.

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In the quest to achieve balance and peace of mind, you are a key component in your own healthcare and wellbeing. Bellevue naturopath Dr. Katrin Goto will work together with you, taking into account all the different aspects of holistic treatment – the mental, the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual – to facilitate balance and harmony. Her goal is to create a nurturing and encouraging relationship so that you can feel safe, seen, heard, and in charge of your own health.

As a NESH-certified (New England School of Homeopathy) physician, Dr. Goto is interested in hearing your whole story. She recognizes and understands that each individual is unique and special, and she practices medicine with interest and curiosity, remaining active and present. This philosophy allows her to truly connect with her patients.

Your First Appointments
Dr. Goto schedules the first appointment to run from sixty to ninety minutes so that you don't feel rushed and can tell your story in your own terms.

The second appointment is scheduled to last for sixty minutes with the goal of offering solutions and a specific plan of action for treatment as well as planning any necessary labs, which can provide valuable information.

These first two visits are essential in establishing a quality therapeutic relationship between you and Dr. Goto. Naturopathic medicine is not intended to be rushed, in-and-out treatment like you might be accustomed to. It's intended to provide healing for a lifetime, so commitment is a major part of the equation.

For the Allopathically Inclined…
Are you interested in naturopathic medicine as a complement to traditional, Western-based medicine? Are you a healthcare professional interested in referring patients for naturopathic treatment?

Rest assured that Dr. Goto's training is in both natural medicine and pharmaceutical treatment, which allows her to tailor and customize treatment specifically for each individual. She is happy to work together with other healthcare providers to ensure that each patient receives precisely the combination of treatment methods needed for total wellness.

What to Expect
What can you as a patient expect from this type of healthcare?
  • A complete system of care tailored and customized exactly to meet your unique challenges while providing support every step of the way.
  • A wholesome approach that will help you modify your life patterns and acquired habits to achieve the results you are seeking.
  • The opportunity to achieve personal peace and holistic healing through insight and understanding.

Email us today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Goto.
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