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Who says that a healthcare visit needs to be cold, clinical, and disconnected? Who says that doctors need to rush through appointments in a hurry to get on to the next patient?

What if a visit with your healthcare provider could be more like a visit with a trusted friend?

Guess what?

It can.

Welcome to New Creation Naturopathic Center, a naturopathic medicine practice in Bellevue, WA.

Bellevue naturopathic physician Dr. Katrin Goto is changing the way healthcare looks and feels. Her calm and compassionate nature makes it easy to talk to her and tell her what's on your mind, and her genuine interest and commitment to helping her patients allows her to dig deep to help you meet your goals for total healing.

By weaving the art and science of both pharmacy and natural medicine together, Dr. Goto has created something new and unique with the intention of going beyond a medical diagnosis and prescription and identifying root causes.

Dr. Goto is a naturopathic physician, a NESH-certified (New England School of Homeopathy) classical homeopath, active pharmacist in the state of Washington and former adjunct faculty at Bastyr university in Kenmore, Washington. This unique blending of medical philosophies allows her to personalize each patient's care.

As your advocate, Dr. Goto can expertly complement, replace, or adjust your existing prescription doses so that you can receive the maximum benefits while at the same time minimizing any adverse effects. This will help to reduce the burden of stressors on your body.

What Is Naturopathic Medicine?
Naturopathic medicine recognizes an inherent self-healing process in the body that is ordered and intelligent. Dr. Goto's approach is to focus on you – a unique, special, and whole person. By doing so, she can identify and help you remove obstacles to healing and facilitate your recovery.

Unlike many other doctors, Dr. Goto does not see you as a machine with faulty parts. She sees you as the one-of-a-kind person you are. Your body is truly miraculous and every aspect of you works in a harmonious dance. When one part of your body is out of balance, it can manifest as any number of problems. Dr. Goto will carefully analyze your specific body type and constitution to gain a deep understanding of what is going on with all your systems so that she can discover the answers you are seeking.

About New Creation
Dr. Goto practices in a serene, home-like setting in one of the most green and peaceful areas of Bellevue.* She has designed her practice to offer a personal and one-to-one healing experience. Even the name of the practice reflects the absolute expectation and desire to create a new and fully restored body.
Dr. Goto is pleased to collaborate with other members of your healthcare team, including your primary care physician, medical specialist, chiropractor, dentist, and pharmacist. Other providers can trust Dr. Goto's skills and experience thanks to her decade-long involvement in oral and systemic medication compounding and dispensing. Dr. Goto is ready to listen and understand your needs. Are you ready to experience healthcare in a whole new way? Email Dr. Goto's Bellevue naturopathic clinic today to schedule your first appointment.

**No controlled substances are kept at Dr. Goto's practice.

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